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Hana: Paradise Found

Most travelers who find their way to Hana discover it to be a place of intense beauty, the centerpiece of an exquisite natural garden that stretches along Maui's Eastern coast from the Taro farming community of Keanae to the quiet splendor of Kipahulu's rolling landscape on the southern tip of Maui. It is indeed a mystical place, with an echoing presence of ancient gods and goddesses acting out the dramas that were to form and shape so much of the Hawaiian world view.

Long the favored land of Hawaiian ali`i (royalty), Hana remains the destination of choice for those seeking the experience of "old Hawaii."

The long and winding, breathtakingly beautiful Hana Highway seems to shield the tiny community from the fads and fancies of the "outside" world. Let the tourist seeking convention and convenience be forewarned, Hana is without many, if not most, of the "trappings" of modern civilization.

There are no shopping malls, golf courses, nightclubs or high rise resorts. Instead, visitors, like the local residents, "make do" with the likes of Hasegawa's General Store, The Hana Store, the Ranch Restaurant and TuTu's sandwich shop on Hana Bay. Hana is not for everyone, but for those looking romantic seclusion and and with a taste for adventure, it can be paradise found.

Overnight guests will find accommodations to suit most needs and budgets, ranging from intimate inns and quiet retreats such as Hana Ocean Front Cottages, Hana Hale Inn and Bamboo Inn, to the world famous Hotel Hana Maui. Camping facilities are available at Waianapanapa State Park (permit required) and Haleakala National Park in Kipahulu.

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